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McKeel Academy Central & South McKeel Bus Routes

Buses at McKeel are referenced by both a traditional number and by a color. You can find the latest bus routes below. Most stops are linked to Google Maps, allowing you to get a better idea of the stop location.

Aqua (0470)
Driven by Teresa Searcy throughout south
Blue (1500)
Driven by Margaret Shakes throughout north
Brown (1609)
Driven by Bill Powell throughout south
Gold (1600)
Driven by Joyce Hodges throughout north
Green (0965)
Driven by Debbie Shirah throughout north
Orange (1400)
Driven by Mike Kupitz throughout south
Purple (1360)
Driven by Penny Burton throughout north
Silver (0966)
Driven by Rhonda Matthews throughout north
Teal (0467)
Driven by Jeff Alexander throughout central
Yellow (0967)
Driven by Bill Moore throughout south
Black (0471)
Driven by Kim Tomlinson throughout north
Bronze (0465)
Driven by Kelli Chestnut throughout central
Copper (0469)
Driven by Esmeralda Marenco throughout south
Gray (1361)
Driven by Teresa Mansfield throughout north
Lime (0462)
Driven by Lynn Mckay throughout south
Pink (1159)
Driven by Penni Smith throughout central
Red (0468)
Driven by Cookie Rodrigues throughout south
Tan (1161)
Driven by Lesley Robins throughout north
White (0654)
Driven by Darlene Hill throughout south

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