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Empower Polk & The Schools of McKeel Academy

The Schools of McKeel Academy strive to be the best.  To better fulfill our mission and to determine the next best steps for our existing students and our future students, The Schools of McKeel Academy will be partnering with executive coach Emily Rogers throughout the next several months to engage in various activities to facilitate the positive long-term growth and direction of the organization.

Our nine board members along with our senior administration team will hold a Strategic Planning Retreat on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 to identify top priorities for the next three to five years.  We plan to identify what is most important to our team and most beneficial to our community.  A variety of projects will be discussed - some geared towards growth and others towards the enhancement of existing programs to determine the projects which will most positively impact the McKeel family and the learning outcomes of its over 3000 students.

The Schools of McKeel Academy’s Strategy Sessions are funded, in part, through the 2018 Empower Polk grant from The GiveWell Community Foundation. We are grateful to the GiveWell Community Foundation for its generosity to the McKeel schools.

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