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Quality Petroleum Presents BP Fueling Communities Grant of $6,250 to McKeel Academy of Technology

Lakeland, FL(March 20, 2012) – Quality Petroleum Corporation, a BP Branded Marketer servicing BP stations throughout Florida and Alabama, will present a giant check to Mrs. Melissa Borchers and her students for the BP Fueling Communities Grant of $6,250 to McKeel Academy of Technology. With this grant, McKeel has been able to purchase 30 Kindle Fires, a touch-screen electronic reader with wifi, and electronic books for Mrs. Borchers’ class.

Quality Petroleum, who nominated the school, will make the check presentation during The Schools of McKeel Academy’s Board of Trustees meeting on March 20, 2012 at noon in the school’s media center at 1810 W. Parker Street, Lakeland. A tour will follow for guests to see the students in action with the new Kindle Fires.

McKeel Academy of Technology, a middle/high school of the McKeel charter schools system, is excited that the donation will help give students the tools they need to succeed in this fastpaced technology-based environment that includes testing online and reading computerized passages. One of the most effective tools available is the Kindle Fire that infuses reading and technology.

“These students are motivated to learn and deserve every opportunity that we can provide,” states Mr. Jason Rhoden of Quality Petroleum. “We believe strongly in the value of these efforts by Mrs. Borchers and McKeel Academy, and we’re proud to be able to make an impact right here in our community through the BP Fueling Communities Grant.”

Mrs. Borchers teaches Intensive Reading to students who scored below 3 on the FCAT reading test. The 30 Kindle Fires are a class set that allows students to interact with their reading and to construct meaning through the use of websites and applications. She is especially targeting the 11th and 12th graders who are in a “do or die” situation and must pass the FCAT to receive their high school diploma. With the Kindle Fire, students receive hands-on training and practice before walking in to retake the state mandated FCAT exam.

“We will be moving our students into the 21st century and equipping them for not only the FCAT but for college success,” states Mrs. Borchers. “Many colleges and universities are moving to hybrid class settings that are balanced with online technology and some face-toface time. Having Kindle Fires allows me to provide my students with a duplicate environment that prepares them for success beyond this high school environment.”

The Kindle Fires are cost effective at just under $200 each. With a class set of 30 Kindles, all of Mrs. Borchers students will utilize the technology for not only reading but also internet research, cloud storage, and access to applications.

Grant funds provide through Amazon, a variety of electronic books on topics, and at challenging levels that best suit the individual student so they can work on the same skills whether its an adventure story or a non-fiction biography. Students can borrow the books on their own smartphones, Ipads, or Ipods, extending the impact of the grant outside of the classroom.

About BP’s Fueling Communities Program
The BP Fueling Communities program provides grants to local organizations that are nominated by BP’s Branded Marketers such as Quality Petroleum Corporation, to support the communities in which they do business. Fueling Communities gives back to local organizations that support health, education, youth, food and housing to spread charity and goodwill.

About Quality Petroleum Corporation
Mr. Ralph W. Weeks established Quality Petroleum in 1971 and moved to Lakeland where they have offices on George Jenkins Blvd. With his son Steve Weeks who currently serves as the president of the company, they have 42 retail/resale locations in Florida and Alabama. The family business also has a large base of commercial customers in the phosphate, citrus and industrial markets. Quality Petroleum is proud to help give back to the community along with BP and support the efforts of all teachers for stronger education in our schools. QUALITY PETROLEUM CORP would like to thank all the teachers for all that they do for the children.

About McKeel Academy of Technology
Established in 1996, McKeel Academy of Technology became the first conversion charter secondary school in the state of Florida in 2000. As the only A graded high school in Polk County, they strive to continue to increase the engagement of their students with advances in educational technology. The school is one of three campuses that make up The Schools of McKeel Academy, a high performing charter school system with 253 employees serving over 2500 students.

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