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Welcome to The Schools of McKeel Academy! In 1998, we joined the charter school movement and opened the first secondary conversion charter school in Florida through a contract with the Polk County School Board. We now have three campuses in Lakeland, Florida and in 2011 were recognized by the Florida Department of Education as a high performing charter school system.


    The McKeel IBIS Project has come to an end! We want to thank the Florida Department of Education Charter Schools Program for allowing us to embark upon this great professional development adventure that let us meet and engage almost 2,000 teachers and school leaders in our innovative instructional strategies. Our many partners helped make each of our 66 training sessions a success and were the wind beneath our wings as the educational consortiums and schools from coast to coast and north to south invited us to their campuses and hosted engaging professional development workshops for their staff and even opened their doors to invite teachers from neighboring schools. We hope we built a partnership between teachers that will enable the sharing of ideas and best practices for years to come!

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    South McKeel Academy Active Literacy BLUEPRINT will soon be hosting workshops including tours of model classrooms on our campus to assist fellow teachers from across the state with free valuable resources to create an active literacy environment proven to help students make gains.

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