School Health

The Schools of McKeel Academy continues to follow guidelines set forth by the Florida Department of Health and in adherence to Emergency Rule 64DER21-15. Students and/or parents and guardians are expected to monitor their child daily for signs of infectious disease, including COVID-19, influenza, respiratory viruses, and gastrointestinal infections using the McKeel Symptom Checker. Parents and guardians must keep their child home if ill. All staff shall perform a symptom self screen prior to leaving for work and will stay home if ill.

Please note, at this time in accordance with state guidance and collaboration with the Polk County Department of Health, we will not email notification of individual COVID-19 infections.

COVID Testing Options

Students experiencing COVID like symptoms are strongly encouraged to seek testing. You may seek testing from your students primary care provider or at any of the testing sites provided by the Florida Department of Health which may be found here:

Any student who has tested positive (through any method) should notify their school nurse immediately and email teachers to request information on schoolwork during their isolation period.

Returning to School AFTER Testing Positive

The School Nurse will work with you on your child’s date of return. The day your child’s symptoms start, or the date your child tested positive is Day 0. Your child may return on Day 6, as long as they are 24 hours fever-free and symptoms are improving. Students who are still sick may not return to school, you will need to seek medical advice regarding a revised return date. A doctor’s note may be required.

Students who are positive or symptomatic can return when they meet 1 of the following:


  • 5 days have passed
  • Symptoms are improving
  • Fever Free for 24 hours
  • A return date has been established with your student's school


  • Provide a doctor’s note stating your child may return to school before 5 days have passed


  • Your child has tested negative for COVID and is symptom free
  • Please contact the school nurse

Students who are exposed to a positive person, either at school, in the home, or in the community, no longer need to quarantine. Students who are exposed may continue to attend school as long as they are symptom free. Students who are positive or experiencing symptoms must stay home. Students who are positive should not attend extra-curricular or after-school activities.