Public Records Request

This form is designed to help government agencies, the media and the private citizens in Polk County access public records related to The Schools of McKeel Academy. TSMA understands that it must be accountable to its citizens and their right to know how their tax dollars are spent and how decisions are made.

Please complete the form below to initiate your TSMA Public Record Request.

Costs for fulfilling public records requests are as follows:

  • $0.15 – single-sided copy
  • $0.20 – double-sided copy
  • $1.00 – certified copy

The actual cost of duplication will be collected for copies of district public records in a form other than simple paper copies.

The actual labor cost of the personnel providing the service will be collected as permitted by state law if the request requires more than 15 minutes of clerical or supervisory assistance, including redaction services, by school personnel.

A special service charge attributable to extensive use of information technology resources and/or labor cost of the personnel completing the request may be collected as permitted by state law.

Public Records Online Request Form

Description of Records Requested. To expedite the retrieval of records, please be as specific as possible as to the public records you desire. Under public records law, TSMA is not obligated to create a new document or record in response to a request for public records.