McKeel Scholarship Program

How To Apply

How to Apply for The McKeel Scholarship Program

Go to to learn how you may apply for hundreds of scholarships, including four offered exclusively to graduating MAT seniors provided through the McKeel Scholarship Program in affiliation with the Polk Education Foundation. Exclusive MAT scholarships begin on page 57.

We are delighted that in the past 14 years since the scholarships were established, close to $150,000 has been awarded. With special gratitude to our employees, parents, business partners and alumni who so generously support our scholarship program, this year we are offering McKeel of Technology graduating seniors up to four scholarships for which they may apply for.

The 2021 McKeel Scholarship Program offerings are as follows:

  • Day One Scholarship $4,000.00
  • Wildcat Scholar Athlete Scholarship $4,000.00
  • Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship $4,000.00
  • TSMA Director of Schools Scholarship $7,000.00

Application Deadline: February 16, 2021

The McKeel Scholarship Program is evaluated annually. Award amounts and scholarship offerings are subject to change.